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HKC Knitting Machines Workshop Facilities.

All of our second hand machines are refurbished in our workshops prior to sale by our Brother trained engineer. We find that nearly all second hand Knitting Machines that are being sold are in need of a major service therefore we always strip, clean & refurbish every machine before we offer them for resale. We only offer the best machines.

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All the needles are removed


The Needle Selector Plates and electronics are removed. Any damaged or worn components are replaced.

The Machine is first stripped

The machine is removed from it's case.


In the case of a punch card machine the pattern clutch wheel assembly is stripped. A large number of patterning problems are found here due to the grease drying out or the timing slipping.


Now it's the turn of the knitting carriage to undergo the full strip down.


First of all the plastic housing, knobs & detachable components are removed. Then all the patterning elements are stripped down. Then the unit is cleaned in spirit to remove all the old grease.



Once the work is finished the machine is reassembled and given it's first basic test when it is completed it then goes to be knit tested by our tutor, Carol Callow & only when she is satisfied can it be offered for sale.



Having trouble with dropped stitches? Having the occasional jam or crash? Having trouble when using your ribber or your other accessories like transfer carriage? Then it's time to give your machine some TLC. You need to change a number of items in your machine such as the, Sponge Bar, Rubber Wheels, Brush Wheels, Cleaning Brush, Oil, Weaving Brushes, Needles & Number Strips, we supply new items from this website. We have our own Brother trained engineer ready to help with advice regarding servicing & repairs.

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