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Second Hand Price List


Quantity Product. Product Details Price P&P
1 x S/H Brother KRC900 Double Bed Colour Changer Boxed View here 45.00 5.00 Carrier
10 x S/H 1 x Pair (set of 2) of Brother Style claw weights View here 6.00 1.50
5 x S/H 1 x Brother Knitleader KL116 (full size) sheet View here 11.00 4.00 Carrier
5 x S/H Brother Tool Boxes View here 12.00 3.00
3 x S/H Brother KA-8300 Transfer Carriage View here 30.00 5.00 Carrier
1 x S/H Brother Basic Set Of Garter Carriage Punch Cards View here 11.50 1.20
6x S/H Brother set of Mylar Sheet Guides View here 9.00 1.00
3x S/H Brother KHC820A Single Bed Colour Changer View here 39.00 5.00 Carrier
1 x S/H Brother KA-8210 Intarsia Carriage Standard Gauge View here 17.00 3.50 Carrier
2 x S/H Brother KL116 Knitleader View here 50.00 5.00 Carrier
1 x S/H Garter Bar View here 43.00 5.00 Carrier
1 x S/H Brother KA-2600 Intarsia Carriage Chunky for the KH260/KH270 View here 28.00 3.50 Carrier
2 x S/H Chunky Ribber Covers Fit KH260 & KH270 View here 12.00 3.50 Carrier
10 x S/H 7x1 Transfer Tool View here 6.50 1.00
10 x S/H Sets of Brother Raised Clamps for the KR850 Ribber View here 19.50 3.00 Carrier
1 x S/H Hague Hand Linker View here 125.00 10.00 Carrier
2 x S/H Stitch World Brother electronic pattern book View here 20.00 2.00
1 x S/H Brother KH260 Chunky Punch Card Knitting Machine View here 325.00 20.00 Carrier
1 x S/H Brother PPD 110 patterning device. View here 125.00 5.00 Carrier


  • Returns & Refunds:
    When you receive a delivery you should make sure that the packaging or the goods are not damaged.
    First of all the packaging should be inspected for any damage, if found it should be noted on the driver's docket, we recommend that you sign for any parcel as uninspected.
    Failure to take care at this stage can jeopardize any insurance claim.

  • Next you should make sure that there are no missing items, please refer to the listing, this should be done without delay.
    Any damage or shortfall should be reported to us in writing within twenty four hours of receipt of the goods,
    you may use an email or letter post,
    we will acknowledge your communication as soon as we have read it

  • Where EU Distance Selling Regulations DSRs Cancellation rights and returns apply:

  • You have fourteen working days commencing the day following delivery to exercise your cancellation rights, this must be done in writing by email or by letter post.
    We will respond as soon as we read your communication. It would be advisable to keep evidence of having given a cancellation notice.

  • In the case of an item you wish to reject upon delivery you must let us know in writing immediately, you should mark the driver's note return to sender.
    We ask you to please retain any paperwork left by the carrier.

  • As per the DSRs you should notify us within fourteen days of the day after receiving the goods (cooling off period) that you wish to cancel your order.
    You should notify us in writing by post or you may use an email, We will respond as soon as we have read your communication, normally within 1 x working day.
    Our details can be found on our contacts page, click here.

  • You may examine the goods but you should not use them other than to satisfy yourself that the item is sound & meets the description as laid out in the advert or listing. 

  • If you wish to cancel the order, you must take reasonable care of the product whilst it is in your possession.  

  • As per the DSRs it shall be your responsibility to return the item to our address at your cost.  

  • The item should be repacked as carefully & securely as possible using an equal amount of packing materials as when the item was delivered to you.
    We recommend that you use the original packing where possible but there must be sufficient for the item to travel safely.

  • All of the items that were in the original delivery must be returned.

  • The item should be returned as soon as possible but within a maximum of thirty days of the cancelation.
    Once we receive the item back we will refund the original amount including the outbound postage or carriage fee in full & in any case within thirty days of cancelation.
    You will be responsible for the return costs in full, it would be advisable to cover the item with sufficient insurance to cover it's value. 

  • Finally we recommend that you communicate with us so that we can advise you on how best to return the item safely, we will be more than happy to communicate with you.

  • Contact details can be found by clicking here.


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